Sound like you?

  • Passionate: When there is something exciting or new, you take the time to learn it and understand it just for fun.
  • Diversity in thought: You aren't myopic about what you think or where you spend your time. You explore the world around you, you're curious and you’re open to new and different ideas.
  • Product obsessed: You care about the things a customer may never see because you have to see it, and it matters to you.
  • Problem solver: You know where and how to find answers, and if you don’t, you know the person who does.
  • Quality communicator: Communication is at the bedrock of any great relationship. We believe relationships with your customers and the people around you are no exception.
  • Surprisingly efficient: You know how to move fast and break things, and aren’t bogged down by process or politics… the right way to do things is the way to do it.
  • Low ego: It isn't you v.s. them, but us v.s. the problem. You don't care about who's right or wrong as long as we get to the right answer.
  • Autonomous: You don’t like to be micromanaged because you don’t need to be. You know how to ask for help, you know how to prioritize, you know how to manage your time, and you know your limits.

What's it like to work at BuildBetter? Day-to-day:

We're a fully remote company that hates meetings. We have one 15 minute call on Mondays and an hour-long show-and-tell/gaming session on Friday. We don't care much about "signaling," if you're working like being on Slack or putting in "enough hours," we care about tangible output. We don't take ourselves too seriously and try to genuinely enjoy each other's company with our Slack filled with frequent memes, music posts, and critique on each other's work. We seek constructive criticism and listen intently when others speak. We know what it's like to be on an A team with one bad apple, and we intend to leave the rotten apples in the barrel.