We started BuildBetter because we love insanely great products. BuildBetter is, at its heart, a product-driven company. Our mission is to accelerate the growth of product-led organizations in the world.

We love the unboxing of a new iPhone, the smell of a new car, the one-click checkout, the customer support that picks up on ring two, the fun onboarding, the startup sounds of our favorite consoles, the return label that comes in the box, that pair of headphones that you can wear all day, the products that "just work" and feel like magic.

We believe that products aren't just what you hold in your hands; instead a product spans from the first interaction with a company all the way to support, returns, or resale - we believe that companies building for every part of the customer experience win. We also believe that isn't easy to do.

If you’re reading this, you’re in one of two camps: either you’ve worked at sales-driven companies with a thin veneer of internal propaganda devoted to being product-driven or you’ve been lucky enough to work at a product-driven company and want to share that with the rest of the world.

We believe the future of companies is product-led not sales-led, which means focusing first on retention, engagement, and CES, not ARPU, CAC, or APV. We also believe the best people in the world want to work for product-led organizations.

No matter the role you have at BuildBetter, you are a product person. You care about the customer experience, and you are willing to be the voice of the customer every step of the way. We can’t wait to have you.